Douglas Wykes for Constitutional Sheriff of Citrus County, Florida in 2012

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Paid by Douglas Wykes, Write-In Candidate, for Sheriff. My name is Douglas Wykes. I am running for Citrus County Sheriff as a Write-In candidate. I was born and raised in Massachusetts. After high school I joined the Navy for 4 years and then the Massachusetts State Police for 20 years. I have lived in Citrus County since 1998.

I understand the U.S. Constitution and Common Law very well and as your Sheriff you will regain rights you have lost and be protected from losing others and your personal property. No other candidate, including the current Sheriff, knows what your rights are so they can not protect them.

The U.S. Constitution is based on Common Law which is God's Law and the system of law the settlers of this county brought over from England. We have the first Common Law marriage between Adam and Eve, the Golden Rule, the Ten Commandants and the Blessings of Liberty as stated in the Preamble to our Constitution. You have the God-Given Right to do anything you want, so long as you do not violate the God-Given Rights of another. If there is no victim, there is no crime.

Common Law is based on property. Property can be your money, your land or anything you own. Your first piece of property is your body and you can do anything to it you want. If you have property you have God-Given Rights..However, rights come with responsibilities. If you get married and have children you are responsible for them until they leave the nest. You have hundreds of rights. Rights are power and freedom of choice. You may choose not to use a right but you will always have that right until you die.

The Constitution is a Political Contract that gives us a Republican form of government and protects our lives, liberties and properties. All public servants from the president down to the dog catcher swear to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution when they take office as trustees of the Contract.

The Power Pyramid: We the People began with all the power in 1783 with the end of the Revolutionary War. We created the States and gave them some power for government, taxing, making laws and law enforcement to protect our life, liberty and property. Then we gave very limited power to the federal government for the same reasons but they can only punish Impeachment, Treason, Counterfeiting, Piracy, violations of the Postal Dept., Immigration Dept. and of the Law of Nations. Murder down to littering goes to the States.

All Gun Laws are infringements of Common Law and are contrary to our Constitution. You have the God-Given Right to use the best means available to protect life liberty and property. As your Sheriff, they will not be enforced by any law enforcement officer working in our county. The only restrictions are the equal rights of others. For examples: Your Neighbor does not want guns on his property and the owner of your favorite restaurant, bar, nightclub, grocery store, club, department store feels the same way. The property owner decides.

The same thing goes for Smoking Bars, restaurants, clubs and other places. The owner of the property decides. No government can tell you what you can do with your own property unless you are violating the rights of another.

The Commerce Department is authorized by the Constitution but it can not regulate agriculture, manufacturing or land use. They can only regulate the sale of other goods that are bought to be re-sold. They can only regulate Merchants Trade such as Walmart, Kmart and other stores.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has no authority over what you do with your property. Like most, they are an unconstitutional entity. The same goes for the EPA, BATF, IRS and all the other alphabet federal and any State Agencies. They will not receive my permission, as Sheriff,  for assistance on any raids, unless necessary, and only for violations of Art. 1 section 8. And it is required for them to get permission or they can not pull a raid.

Seat-Belt Laws are unconstitutional. If you do not buckle-up there is no victim and no crime. Common Law    Click Top Left column for Page 2


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